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“ Compilation of reports from Barbizon staff who scoured the floor to find the latest products and releases featured at the LDI 2015 Show held October 23-25, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ”

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2015 LDI Show Report

Welcome to our LDI 2015 Show Report.

If you have any questions or comments please email more@ydjixie.cn

A.C. Lighting

AC Lighting was showing the new Chroma Q – Space Force which is a low profile, lightweight LED Soft Light. It is available in daylight, tungsten and variable. The fixture draws 600 watts and outputs up to 26,500 lumens. It is a single source fixture, so no “skittling”. The fixture utilizes the same convection cooling methods found in other Chroma Q fixtures, eliminating fan noise. The Space force features adjustable frequencies to provide flicker free operation. The fixture can be controlled by any DMX controller or by the on board controls. Allowing for control of color, temperature and intensity. Also in their booth was the new Chroma-Q® Studio One 100™ LED Par designed to deliver the highest quality of white light from an LED based fixture, for the most demanding applications. The Studio One 100 uses core LED technology from the Chroma-Q premium performance lighting range making it a multi-purpose fixture is ideal for a wide range of applications and provides a powerful, creative lighting tool. This fixture is also available as a RGBA version.

Acclaim Lighting

Acclaim Lighting had a selection of new products that they showed at LDI 2015. They had their new Dyna Fixtures, additions to the Graze line, and some new Flex line products for display. Dyna Flood XT

  • High Output exterior IP66 rated LED flood light 75 Watt source
  • Adjustable head with internal line voltage dimmable LED driver
  • Single color or Quad color LED chips
  • 60-100’ throw distance depending on color
  • Available beam angles of 6 (standard), 20, 40, 60, 10 x 60 degrees
Dyna Drum SO
  • High Output exterior IP66 rated LED flood Par fixture with 145 Watt source
  • Adjustable yoke with DMX control in 4, 2, and 1 channel modes
  • Beam angles of 6 (standard), 20, 40, 60, 10 x 60 degrees
  • 200’ throw distance in color, 250’ in white
Dyna Graze DC linear LED fixture
  • IP66 rated 24VDC fixture
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K options with up to 419 Lumens per foot
  • 1’ and 4’ versions with a max of 12’ of fixture in a series
  • 1’ features 12 Watts of power consumption and 4’ features 48 watts
Flex Tube SE (side emitting)
  • IP68 rated 32’ spool of tube with 24VDC power at 106 Watts at 32’
  • 160 degree beam angle with 171 Lumens per foot
  • 1 channel of DMX per spool
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Red, Green, and Blue outputs


The latest from Airstar is their new self inflating LED lighting balloon named the Sirocco 2-S. It is a 100% autonomous, all-in-one package, portable & multipurpose unit. Driven by 6 - 10w LED with a lamp life of 40,000 hours at 60W, the Sirocco 2-S has a battery life of 8-24 hours depending on use. Color temperature is DAYLIGHT 5500°K-6500°K - 4 dimmable levels FULL, 2/3, 1/3, strobe mode Package Includes: SAFETY KIT: Lighting balloon with reflective envelope, battery, battery charger, telescopic column, repair patch kit, user manual, carrying case INDUSTRIAL KIT: Lighting balloon with reflective envelope, battery, battery charger, repair patch kit, user manual, metal carrying case. http://airstar-light.us/

Altman Lighting

The Pegasus 6 and Pegasus 8 Fresnels are 6” and 8" white output LED Fresnels that are both Mains Dimmable and DMX controlled all in one luminaire. Pegasus replicates the soft light output that is expected from a Theatrical or Studio Fresnel. Under 150 Watts, the Pegasus 6 surpasses the output of its 500 watt incandescent counterpart, and the Pegasus 8 meets the output of its 750 watt incandescent counterpart. The Pegasus line also won a Plasa Member's Choice award this year too! Designed specifically for the demands of theaters, churches and public venues, the Chalice 150 down light is a 145W White LED pendant fixture that addresses and alleviates the typical maintenance routines of changing lamps and ballasts in difficult-to-access locations. The Chalice 150 uses a single-point source for optimal beam control, and offers a variety of reflector options for ceiling heights from 15 to 50 feet. Its powerful output blends to seamless coverage in the most elegant setting. Extremely smooth dimming reproduces the comfortable feel of traditional incandescent sources, at a fraction of the power consumption. DMX control allows each fixture to be controlled independently or in groups, from an architectural control system and/or directly from a theatrical control console.

American Grip

365提款要几倍流水 AGI took another look at the way Flat Frame Gel Holders are made. The holder has a 5/8" Pin and spring loaded paddle-like fasteners with a built-in tightening knob and roll pins that keep the jaws from spinning when all the way open. This handy part proves useful when gel frames are subjected to harsh winds or movements, or when custom placement of the flat gel frames are needed. They also showed off their MC C-Stand base which can fit in a milk crate and a miniature duck bill clamp. Working closely with Dana Dolly, American Grip showed off their new Blue Curve Dolly Track. Available in 8', 9' and 10' curved sections, this curved track which is made from Speedrail is smaller in width so that it can be used with the Dana Dolly systems.

Arri Lighting

365提款要几倍流水 Now that Arri is shipping the long awaited , a color temperature adjustable softlight they have a whole catalog of accessories to show. These include Intensifiers, Egg Crates, Honeycomb grids, Snoots, and LightBanks.


Avolites' family of consoles, dimmers and networking products were showcased hosted by Group One Ltd. Avolites Media also had a seperate booth showing Ai range of media servers which work intuitively with the entire Avolites family of products for "Total Visual Control" of your production. The Avolites' Arena console with Optical Titan Net Switch, both of which are now shipping with new software version 9.1, features enhanced pixel mapping functionality, a fully custom Key Frame Shape engine, and fully featured theatre functionality. Avolites Ai Infinity server is the perfect choice for yourmost demanding video projects.The EX4 and EX8 have programmable,EDID managed, WUXGA (1920x1200) outputs. Each is digitallyamplified to give you a preview and production output over DVI.The back panel is full of I/O connectors, including LTC timecodeinput, 2 x 1000bt Network ports for connecting to Artnet networks,MIDI in & out ports, 4 lines of DMX512, Audio I/O, Genlock -essential for TV projects, and 2 x sync network connections toguarantee vertical sync across multiple systems.The front 7 inch color touch screen shows the Ai 3D visualizer, thisgives you networked control of your whole show from one integratedand intuitive interface, no matter how many outputs you need. There is also an auto-blending function that can be done with a USB webcam - But you don't need to buy the box to have a powerful media server Ai's cross platform software licenses now available! The cost effective access to the power of the Ai Media Server. Use an Ai unlock key to run Ai on your PC/Mac laptop, enabling creation, design and full 3D visualization of your project while on the move or in the hotel. The Ai unlock key also allows output of HD video enabling you to run shows and presentations directly from your laptop. Alternatively, run Ai on a full, self-provided server and benefit from multiple HD outputs at minimal costs. All Ai licences offer:

  • True 3D project visualization.
  • Integral 3D modelling features.
  • Fully featured timeline control.
  • Intuitive LED mapping.
  • CITP compatibility with Avolites, MA and HOG 4.
  • Easy and intuitive video clip selection using thumbnail graphics on your lighting console.
  • Lighting console control from Avolites, MA, HOG and others.
  • Ai control using industry standard 40 channel ArtNet protocol
  • 60 more features available as and when you need them.

Ayrton / Morpheus

Ayrton / Morpheus had six new products on display at LDI. the MagicDot-R, CosmoPix-R , and VersaPix-RS, all part of the Creative Solutions line. MAGICDOT™R is the first professional moving head LED luminaire with a single optical collimator. The result is an intense beam of less than 5° using a multi-chip RGBW LED with a light-emitting surface of 8 mm2. With its cylindrical design, the MAGICDOT™R (patent pending), is capable of continuous double rotation on the pan & tilt axes, allows the user to create groups of luminaires and control each light emitter individually in all directions. Leaving a minimum amount of space between multiple luminaires will make it possible to create configurations never before dreamt of. LDI also was the US release of the DreamPanel-Shift and DreamPanel-Twin, and Ayrton’s DreamPanel-HD-Box control system.

The DREAMPANEL™TWIN is a hybrid luminaire with the MAGICPANEL™ on one side and the DREAMPANEL™SHIFT on the other. Capable of continuous double rotation on the pan and tilt axes, the DREAMPANEL™TWIN can alternate between displaying high-definition video images and 3D volumetric lighting effects. The 6 mm pitch of the video side offers the perfect balance of definition required to display video media on stage, of screen size for enabling full HD, and of overall system brightness. The MAGICPANEL™ side has improved resolution thanks to an 8 x 8 matrix featuring patented 45 mm diameter collimators that can obtain a full 6° angle and centre-beam luminous intensity of over 73 candela per lumen, a record achievement. The innovative 45 mm optics enable the DREAMPANEL™TWIN to achieve almost the same performance as the MAGICPANEL™R by offering a much higher 64-pixel resolution, ideal for mapping effects. The video side uses the same array as the DREAMPANEL™SHIFT and is equipped with 4096 RGB LED emitters. Their black casing and internal reflector provide absolute contrast and allow for breathtaking graphic effects, while avoiding stray reflections from the other emitters. The two sides are controlled completely separately-the video side through the entirely new HDMI DREAMPANEL™HD-BOX control system, whilst the MAGICPANEL™ side used for 3D volumetric effects, along with the pan and tilt movement, is managed by Art-Net or sACN through an Ethernet link.

Baxter Controls (BCI)

Baxter Controls was presenting the usual line and the product that really caught our eye was their Rack Mount-2 DMX unit. This unit is similar to the original Pocket Console, except it is designed for permanent installations. This unit comes with either flush mount XLR or terminal block DMX outputs, a 120V-9V Power Supply, eight fully patchable manual faders plus eight bump buttons. The dmXact LED Readout allows real-time output in DMX 0-255, DMX 0-100% and binHex 00-FF readout of faders. It also provides 8-Page Patch, this allows eight discreet pages of patch configurations as well as eight fully recordable submasters in the new Playback-8 software. This unit is not just a single scene playback anymore, but a full recording console. Rob's (Baxter) 24/Eight™. The NEWEST most versatile Pocket Console® DMXEVER!Comes with One dmx-512 universe patchable to 24 discreet channels accessed in 3 Banks of 8 channels each. Your24/Eight™ has the same 8 recordable Sub-masters as the Playback-8 model. She also works in a straight 24 Channel Mode. So if you need individual 1-24 Channel control or a recordable 8 Sub-master controller, you can have it all.

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